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The origins of the Capraro family date from 1292 in Sicily. After many generations a branch of the family moved to Naples. They became fishermen and were based in Mergellina, Naples, where in 1907 Giovanni Capraro was born. Together with his family he used to come fishing  along the coast in their rowing boat, often calling in at Positano. Here he fell in love and married Assunta Russo.
To this happy union were born two sons Gennaro and Salvatore. From a very tender age they followed in their father’s profession as fishermen. In those days their boat was a rowing boat and they rowed great distances along the coast. With the arrival of tourism they had the happy idea of taking out visitors for short trips in their boat.

As over the years Positano has become increasingly well known, Gennaro and Salvatore have concentrated more on taking out passengers, even if they sometimes  combine their excursions with fishing.
Thirty odd years ago Gennaro married an English girl, Valerie. Now she and their daughter and Salvatore’s daughter Chiara help to run the company by taking reservations and giving information. An American lady called Gloria came to Positano some twenty years ago and fell in love with it. She loves the sea and has become a permanent fixture on their boats. After a lifetime spent on the sea in this enchanting part of the world, they enjoy sharing their love and knowledge of it with their passengers who come from all over the world. Often after unforgettable moments spent together on the boat these passengers become friends.